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GoBrush Mist + Hair Serum

Styling brush with serum for smooth, healthy hair
Always wanted perfectly straight hair that shines like a diamond? Then it’s time you met Silk’n GoBrush Mist! This innovative styling brush for straight hair combines the technology of a hair straightener and a heated brush for detangling and maximum contact with every strand!

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In stock
GoBrush Mist + Hair Serum GoBrush Mist + Hair Serum
Regular Price 8000 Special Price 6320

Styling brush with serum for smooth, healthy hair
Always wanted perfectly straight hair that shines like a diamond? Then it’s time you met Silk’n GoBrush Mist! This innovative styling brush for straight hair combines the technology of a hair straightener and a heated brush for detangling and maximum contact with every strand!

  • Straightens hair quickly without leaving it frizzy or damaged
  • The 3D Smoothing technology uses steam, tourmaline and ions to protect and nourish hair
  • Long-lasting result for all hair types
  • Ceramic plates with tourmaline coating (37 x 90 mm), built-in brush
  • 23 temperatures: from 120 to 230°C (with 5°C intervals)

Product Details

Product Details


Power supplyMains cord
Wet useNo
Package contents1x GoBrush Mist device, 1x Protective Styling Serum, 1x heat-resistant mat, 1x water bottle, 1x user manual
Warranty2 years
Cord length 2 m
Maximum power33W
Universal voltageNo
Input 220 - 240 V
Automatic shutdownYes
Automatic shutdown60 minutes
Frequency50 - 60 Hz
Suitable for hair typeAll hairtypes
Intended useStraightens fast and smoothly, no damage, no frizz, protects hair, adds shine
Technology3D Smoothing Technology: steam, tourmaline, and ions
Ionic technologyYes
Maximum temperature230°C
Minimum temperature120°C
Warm-up time40 seconds
Overheating protectionYes
PTC heatingYes
Plate lockYes
Temperature lockYes
360°C swivel cordYes
Suspension loopYes
Water tankYes
Cool shotNo
Diffuser attachmentNo
Blow nozzle attachmentNo
Available accessoriesNo
Product dimensions (L x W x H)300 x 55 x 44 mm
Customer Questions
What is Silk'n GoBrush Mist?

Silk'n GoBrush Mist is a steam brush straightener with 3D Smoothing Technology.

What is the difference with an ordinary hair straightener?

Silk'n GoBrush Mist combines the technology of a flat iron and a heated brush for detangling and maximum contact to every strand. Instead of just using heated plates to straighten hair, GoBrush Mist achieves a sleek look by also distributing heat across the hair shaft through steam, which comes from the water in the tank. Straightening with hot steam is less damaging to your strands, as during this process the steam adds moisture and prevents over-drying. This makes GoBrush Mist far safer to use, even on processed or damaged hair. Furthermore, through its steam technology GoBrush Mist delivers shine and a healthy-looking, frizz-free, glossy finish. The results are even longer lasting compared to a traditional hair straightener, as the steam makes your hair more resistant to humidity.

What are the benefits of the 3D Smoothing Technology?

3D Smoothing Technology consist of steam, tourmaline and ions. Thanks to this technology, you will get that desired silky straight look, but in a far gentler way than ever before. This technology protects, adds moisture, smoothness and shine to hair.

What kind of plates does the GoBrush Mist have?

Its ultra smooth plates are 100% ceramic with tourmaline coating.

What are the benefits of a tourmaline coating?

Tourmaline generates 20 times more moisture-locking ions than any other type of hair straightener plate. Dry or damaged hair has positive ions and tourmaline is able to cancel these out by emitting negative ions that generate silky shiny hair. Tourmaline also protects your hair's natural oils as it seals in moisture and closes the hair follicle upon contact.

Can it be used on any hair type?

Yes, it can.

Can it be used for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair?

Yes. Silk'n GoBrush Mist is in fact an excellent choice for these hair conditions due to the protective and moisturising benefits of the 3D Smoothing Technology.

How many settings does it have?

Silk'n GoBrush Mist has 23 temperature settings: from 120-230°C (with 5°C interval).

Can I use it also without the steam function?

Yes. The steam feature is optional, so you can turn it off and use the device just like a regular straightener too.

What temperature should I use for my hair type?

Fine, damaged and chemically treated hair is best straightened at the lowest possible temperature, so between 120 and 160°C. Normal hair can be treated at a temperature between 160 and 190°C. If you have thick, coarse and/or curly hair, you can set the temperature at 200 to 230°C.

How quick does it heat up?

The GoBrush Mist takes 40 seconds to reach a a temperature of 120°C and 3 minutes to reach 230°C.

What does PTC heating mean?

PTC heating stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient. This type of heating generates fast and energy-efficient heat transfer. This technology also ensures that the device cools down quickly, preventing overheating and guaranteeing higher safety levels. As a result, the lifespan of the device is extended.

What other safety features does it have?

In case you forget to turn off the device, Silk'n GoBrush Mist will shut down automatically after 1 hour. Furthermore it offers a plate lock and a temperature lock. It also comes with a heat-resistant mat on which you can place the GoBrush Mist during the hair straightening process.

What is the capacity of the water tank?

It can fit up to 12 ml of water which is enough for 15 minutes of steam.

Can I use tap water to fill the tank?

We recommend to only use distilled water. Otherwise,limescale may form inside the steam brush straightenerand shorten the product lifespan.

How long is the cord?

The very handy 360°C swivel cord with hanging loop is 2 meters long.

Should I use a heat protection spray before use?

By using Silk'n GoBrush Mist you are one step ahead from people who use an ordinary hair straightener since the latter can dry out and damage the hair. However, if you use a hair straightener of any type regularly, we advise to use a heat protection product before styling your hair, such as the Silk'n hair serum (available in our shop via www.silkn.eu). These products work by adding a barrier to direct contact with the hair fibre surface and this leads to less snagging or breakage.

How do I clean my device?

Wipe the steam brush straightener with a damp cloth. Allow it to dry completely.

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